KNEM Bulletin

In January 2008 was the historic moment of KNEM activity – we published the first number issue of KNEM BULLETIN.

Editing team:
Students’ of Musical Education
Gabriela Konkol, PhD (the editor-in-chief)
Ex-Layout, composition and paging: Michał Kierzkowski, MA
Current Latout,composition and paging: Mariusz Kowalski, BA

The Bulletin is published twice a year. So far we published 7 number issues. They are accessible both in printed and electronically version on KNEM internet page. This site is administrated by Michał Kierzkowski, MA and Mariusz Kowalski, BA.

In 2009 KNEM was nominated by Rector of Music Academy in Gdansk to the competition of Red Rose for the best group of interest of the Baltic Coast.