About us

Students’ Association of Music Education (KNEM) by the Faculty of Choral Conducting, Church Music, Artistic Education, Rhythmics and Jazz came into being on 1st October 2006. An active participation of two students of Music Education onStudent International Forum in Würzburg (Germany) was the impulse to the formation of this association. Thanks to the commitment of Professor Zbigniew Bruna who is the director of Music Education and Rhythmics Department, initially informal meetings became registered.

So far we admitted:

  • Prof. Veronika Cohen – The Jerusalem Academy of Music & Dance/ Israel
  • Prof. Franz Niermann – Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien/ Austria; the EAS President 2005-2009 (European Association for Music In Schools), the member of the ISME Board of Directors 2008-2010 (International Society for Music Education)
  • Prof. Sibel Çoban – Marmara Üniversitesi, Istanbul/ Turkey
  • Prof. Gerhard Wanker – Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Graz/ Austria
  • Prof. Zofia Konaszkiewicz – The Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw
  • Prof. Jerzy Kurcz – Academy of Music in Cracow

Public activity:

  • Periodically organized concerts entitled Students for pupils

The idea of these meetings is promotion of classical music to the pupils of comprehensive schools (primary and secondary degree). The first concert was organized in 2007. So far we organized 10 concerts for about 1400 children.

  • School Music Programme

School music Programme is prepared by first- year master students. The participants of programes are pupils from primary school which is located near to the Music Academy. So far we organized over 37 Schools Music Programmes for about 1050 children.

  • Periodically organized performances entitled My own music theatre (Compilation of music and drama)

The second- year bachelor students are the co-organizers of My Own Music Theatre for pupils from primary schools and kindergarten in Gdańsk. The actors are the pupils of first till third grades of the 4th Primary School in Gdańsk, the participants of drama and music club. The first presentation took place in January in 2009. So far we organized performances: Thumbelina (May 2009), The Snow Queen (January 2010), The Ugly Duckling (May 2010), The Meeting with Jan Brzechwa – Welcome in our Fairytale! (December 2010), The story of The Shoemaker written in Gdańsk (May 2011), The Little Match Girl (January 2012).

From the very beginning Students’ Association of Music Education is a co-organizer of the Annual Student Competition for best taking the School Music Programme.

Very important sides of KNEM activity are departures and active participation of its members on forums and students groups. Our representatives were:
in 2006 on Student International Forum in Würzburg/Germany (Dorota Goździewska and Emilia Kochanowska)
in 2007 on Student International Forum in Pitea/ Sweden (Joanna Szybalska and Ewa Pulik),
in 2008 on Student Conference Integral – Dimension of the students humanities (students of master degree),
in 2008 on Student International Forum in Bologna/ Italy (Katarzyna Pieńkosz),
in 2010 on Student International Forum in Bolu/Turkey (Justyna Pobłocka, Julianna Styn).
in 2011 on 9th Student International Forum in Gdańsk/Poland (Adrianna Dziuba, Agnieszka Lewoc).
Departures gave us the possibility to exchange our experience and chance to cooperate with students from others academies, also foreign.

The International Congress of Students’ Association of Music Education (OKKNEM)

In 2010 the idea of periodically organized International Congress of Students’ Association of Music Education came into life. The initiator of this congress is Gabriela Konkol, PhD. The first one Musical interests of children and teenagers – state and conditionings took place in 4th-5th March 2010. The assumption is to organize it every two years.

2nd OKKNEM entitled: Teacher – Musician – Pedagogue – Educator was held on 16th-17th March 2012.

In May 2011 KNEM was hosting The 9th International Student Forum, which is organized every year by European Association for Music in Schools (EAS).

In April 2012 the representative of KNEM (Mariusz Kowalski) took part in the 10th International Student Forum EAS (Netherlands, Hague 2012).

In February 2013 the representative of KNEM (Iga Apollo) took part in the 11th International Student Forum EAS (Belgium, Leuven 2013).

From the beginning of the 2011/2012 academic year KNEM has co-organized meetings for children on behalf of the Polish Children Academy, which happens once a month at the Music Academy in Gdańsk.